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We are excited to introduce our latest brochure featuring valuable insights on therapeutic protein drugs and immunogenicity analysis. Discover how biomarkers and high-density peptide microarrays play a crucial role in designing safer treatments. Explore our comprehensive services for anti-drug antibody characterization and patient profiling. These are the main applications:
  • Monitoring of patient-specific anti-drug antibody and T-cell responses in clinical trials and phase IV studies
  • Assessment of treatment risks and immunogenic adverse effects
  • Identification of immunogenic B-cell and T-cell epitopes for the development of safer antibody and protein drugs
  • Analysis of antibody profiles including immunoglobulin isotypes and subtypes
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Interested in analyzing your own selection of therapeutic proteins? Get in touch with one of our scientists to find out how to get your own custom microarray.

Webinar: Determination of the target of monoclonal immunoglobulins using the MIAA assay

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Dr. Sylvie Hermouet describes her results identifying targets of monoclonal Ig's, and the importance and interest for patients of treatments that reduce or suppress the target of their monoclonal Ig.
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New poster

New poster with Parean biotechnologies

Check our latest poster in collaboration with Parean: High-throughput Identification of Immunogenic B- and T-cell Epitopes Meets Deep Immune Cell Phenotyping.

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Epitope Mapping

Epitope mapping services

Identify linear or conformational epitopes on the amino acid level. Learn about our services. Learn how to get started with your PEPperMAP® Service.

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